Manuscript Submission – 1 page papers

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts can be submitted online here.

Accepted papers MUST be presented by one of the authors in person, at the conference site, and according to the final schedule. Any paper accepted into the technical program but not presented on-site will be withdrawn and you will be considered a no-show (see the policy here).

The presenter MUST register for the conference by the author registration deadline. Failure to register before this deadline will result in automatic withdrawal of the paper from the conference program.An individual can be first author of at most two paper submissions. There is no limit on individuals being co-authors of paper submissions.

In order to upload the paper, one of the authors must complete payment of the appropriate conference registration (Member, Non-member, Student member, Student non-member) using the Registration database. Please be sure to follow the AUTHOR registration link.

Manuscript Template

Please download the template for 1 page paper from here.

Margins for the 1 page paper

Top:Bottom:Left:Right == 1.00″:1.00″:0.75″:0.75″

Paper deposits

There will be no paper deposit fee. Please proceed to upload your paper through Papercept System.

1 page papers

  • will not be in Xplore and is not on the USB/program book that is handed out at the conference.
  • may be posted on the website or sent to the ISBI audience via e-mail.
  • will only be slotted in a poster presentations if the paper is accepted.
  • If your 4 page paper was not accepted, you have the opportunity to revise it and re-submit it as a 1 page paper. The $25 deposit fee from the 4 page submission is not refundable.