Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities are closed!

In exchange for 16 hours of volunteering (you may have the shifts on different days or on the same day), graduate and undergraduate students will get access to the entire conference for free. For more information about volunteering and to sign up, please email Jessica. There are limited spaces available.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

General Information

Training: Training should take no longer then 60 min and will include walkthrough of the meeting space, registration system training and review of job descriptions.

Check-in: Please allow time to park and/or walk to the venue. When you arrive, please find your way to the registration. You will be provided with a helper identification badge with your name and affiliation.

Dress Code: “Business casual”, i.e. slacks and button-up shirt for men, no jeans. All black attire must be worn by Registration volunteers for the duration of the conference.  This will allow attendees to identify us and present a uniformed look. 

Meals: The regular conference coffee breaks will be accessible to you. For volunteers scheduled to work early mornings coffee and pastries will be provided 30 min prior to scheduled start of shift.

Contact information: We will need your cell phone number before the start of the conference. If you work a total of 16 hours, we will provide you with a reduced sleeping room rate. To receive complimentary registration you have to be registered for the conference. Registration fee will be credited back to you 30 days after the program ends. We will ask that you sign in each day with the EMB/MCM staff members.


Responsible for the orderly distribution of registration materials, name badges and any orientation information for all pre-registered attendees. Training and a walk-through of the facility will be provided.

Registration serves as the information booth for the conference as well, so you will need to become familiar with the conference program logistics.

Oral Session Room Monitors/AV

A laptop PC, projector, laser pointer/slide advancer, will be available in each presentation room. Each speaker will be loading presentation in session room before the scheduled presentation. Your task is to ensure that they are able to load their presentation and that it displays correctly on the screen. Distribute and collect session evaluation reports and flipchart paper in breakout rooms.  You must help keep the session on time. You might also need to explain how to use the laser pointer and slide advancer. Spare batteries will be available at the AV table. An additional hand-held microphone will be provided that you will bring to anyone in the audience who would like to ask a question. The mic is necessary so that everyone in the room can hear, even if the questioner has a loud voice. An instructional overview of the AV equipment will be scheduled at the beginning of your scheduled shift.

Poster Sessions

Work with coordinator of Poster sessions to ensure boards are numbered correctly and tape is accessible at every board. Posters will be placed on the poster boards in the morning each day and taken down according to the coordinator’s suggestion. If they are not taken by scheduled time, you can discard them.


Work with conference planner to assist with signage, direct traffic and any other tasks and duties as assigned.  Help with planned student activities.

Reception Ticket takers

Collect the lunch and reception tickets upon entrance into the receptions to ensure that they are eligible to attend. For lunch, one ticket was complimentary with the registration fee. Additional tickets for guests could be purchased at the registration desk.

Volunteer Job Schedule